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New Valve Startup and Commissioning Services

October 21, 2019

Starting up a new plant or a new unit can be a stressful time. Major capital investments, tight schedules and heavy workloads on plant personnel put a lot of pressure and visibility on getting the process up and going as planned the first time. Oftentimes valves are installed backwards or damaged by debris from line flushing. We offer new valve startup and commissioning services to relieve our clients of these concerns by verifying proper installation, calibration and final commissioning.

Vinson and Emerson technicians are locally available and have the plant experience and product expertise to facilitate the startup and commissioning services required for new operation.  Vinson will provide project management to deliver turnkey startup services that manage startup parts, man power, and work scheduling with the site. By using industry best practices combined with an understanding of your plant requirements, the Project Manager provides daily reports on commissioning activities throughout the startup process. By using our walk down and tagging procedures before the work begins, we confirm the items being worked on and verify their locations with the customer to prevent any confusion.

The Project Manager works with Emerson technicians to make sure we follow site conformance specifications, verify installation orientation, and product functionality as well as hard-copy verification of completed tasks to eliminate any guesswork from commissioning process. This is especially important on critical valves like turbine bypass, anti-cavitation, anti-surge, or specialized valves with noise attenuation.

Our startup team provides specialized expertise and a QA/QC process to perform startup and commissioning activities for Emerson and non-Emerson products. Our personnel treat safety as our number one priority and employ safety standards to ensure people and assets are protected at all times. Our services are made to be transparent and control costs, keep the customer in the loop with any discovery work, and to ensure quality and safety throughout the entire process.


Final QA of our process is done with diagnostic service equipment by scanning and providing detailed logs of the products functionality and performance to guarantee the product is working as it was designed. Our flexibility and thoroughness assure we will work with your teams to stay within budget and on schedule, while minimizing risk and curtailing problems during start-up and operation.

After startup is complete, our team will schedule a post-startup meeting to provide a hard copy of all valve reports and help you plan your site specific lifecycle maintenance needs and schedule. Contact us anytime if you would like to learn more about these services.