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ProductionManager™ Surface Controls was designed with operations and engineering personnel in mind, allowing the user to perform control, logic, and mathematical functions.
Using easy to configure pre-designed menus, Surface Controls handles your facility’s operational requirements without the need for traditional programming skills. Surface Controls saves time during startup and commissioning, simplifying implementation and debugging of future changes as operational requirements mature.

Surface Controls can be utilized as an independent application or can be seamlessly integrated into the ProductionManager EDGE® suite of applications.


  • 100 Action Blocks: Configurable control logic modules that include browsable parameters from the database, up to 4 logic statements per action block,use of Math and Boolean logic operators, chaining of blocks, before or after logic by-passes, individual logic results or group results.
  • 100 Effects: Configurable output events or actions that can be controlled by action block results. Effects can be tied to multiple action blocksas required by your cause-and-effect matrix.
  • 25 Calculation Blocks: Math calculations with up to 10 Inputs that each supports Arrays, up to 5 Outputs, 2 ASCII Messages and 25 Calc Functions each witha recorded result. A Calc Block can run every scan or be called from another Calc Block. There is a super set of supported functionsavailable to meet any math need.
  • Utilities: Standard functions needed as part of facility controls and measurement for upstream production, including: 50 PID Control Loops | 25 Ganged PIDs (ability to link up to 8 PID control loops together with HI/LO selector options) | 25 Accumulators (rates and counters, either discrete or analog values) | 25 Timers (on/off run timers providing output pulse configurations) | 25 By-passes (API industry standard, class-based logic by-pass maintenance) | 25 Permissives (ability to enable or disable action blocks or utilities).