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Automation Solutions & Services

Digital Transformation is a phrase that is tied to the idea that you can access and harness data and information that is isolated and not being leveraged, and use it to improve several aspects of operation and decision making in the plant or across fleets.  We have long been in the business of providing information about the health and reliability of assets and are experts at partnering with customers in getting more value out of existing and new investments.  This process will "digitally transform" how you solve everyday problems.  Ask us how we can help you.

Yes, Vinson can work with your team to understand your objectives and develop a plan to leverage the investment you've already made in smart technology for a more reliable and productive operation.

These applications, developed by Vinson and marketed globally by Emerson, are designed to address the key KPIs of US oil and gas producers, targeting lease operating expenses (LOE), accelerated and ultimate production recovery (EUR) and reduction of health, safety, and environmental (HSE) incidents.  These KPIs are addressed through automating work flows and process controls, providing analytical insights for better decision support, and upskilling/increased effectiveness of the workforce.  We have extensive experience assisting our customers to achieve step changes in value to their operations-please ask us how.

Vinson has extensive experience working with the DeltaV distributed control systems (DCS), ROC, ControlWave, FloBoss, and Emerson FBx platform of flow computers and EDGE controllers. For more information, visit the Automation section of our website or call us at 800-420-6571.

Yes, in addition to the power of DeltaV System, we also offer the PK Controller.  The PK is designed from the ground up to be a standalone controller for small to medium applications perfectly fit for those incoming skids or "islands of control" modernization opportunities.  We even offer a fully engineered PLC5 migration tool that allows for modernizing your PLC5's without lifitng field wires... and provides fully redundant control for increased availability.  Ask us about this capability.

The FB3000 platform from Emerson is designed to deliver the requirements for the oil and gas industry, which includes integrated metrology, intermittent connectivity, low power and poor power/grounding quality associated with field operations.  In addition to supporting ProductionManager EDGE applications, the FB3000 platform supports configurable logic blocks and FBx Designer capabilities (full IEC 1131 compliant programming languages).

Emerson's Reliability Systems group offers AMS Device Manager for managing instrumentation, portable and online vibration analyzers for monitoring, prediction, and protection of mechanical/rotating equipment, and is introducing a portfolio of new technologies, software, and consulting to provide a comprehensive plant reliability management platform.

Yes. If you need help with drafting a panel design, we have a team of engineers that you can leverage. Our Lewisville facility has a panel fabrication shop that can quick-ship standard panels, or build panels from drawings you provide, or that we create for you to meet your specific requirements.

We can provide complete lifecycle of services from FEED studies, Project Management, configuration, installation and commissioning assistance, plus an array of optimization and lifecycle services for long term operation.  Additionally, Vinson can provide vibration analysis services for rotating equipment, leveraging Emerson's Reliability Systems, with the goal of predicting and avoiding failures of mechanical equipment.

Our service providers are factory certified and safety trained: 
Emerson Field Tech Certified
Dell Tech Certified
OSHA Safety Trained

Vinson provides 24 hour helpdesk services at no charge to assist with questions, requests for information, and basic trouble shoooting. Please contact us at [email protected] or call 972-459-8200 and ask for the Help Desk.

The Vinson Chemical manager application has helped top producers reduce OPEX costs by hundreds of thousands of dollars per year per facility in some cases. For more information please call 972-459-8200 and ask to speak with a RAS Sales Specialist

The Vinson ProductionManager EDGE Well Optimization application has a long history of successfully helping both Oil and Gas producers meet or exceed production trargets while reducing downtime and OPEX for Gas and Plunger artificial lifted wells. For more information please call 972-459-8200 and ask to speak with a RAS Sales Specialist

The Vinson Tank Manager application include full LACT control and API custody transfer measurment. It also provides an off the shelf solution for API18.2 requirments that can be configured to follow your operating procedures. Both options include the ability to create tickets and print them or import them into your SCADA system as required. For more information please call 972-459-8200 and ask to speak with a RAS Sales Specialist.