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As Emerson’s Impact Partner, our product portfolio includes Emerson’s name brands like Fisher, Bettis, Anderson-Greenwood, Crosby, Enardo, Vanessa, Keystone, KTM, and many more.  We also offer a variety of non-Emerson products that complement the Emerson portfolio. 

For a full list of the brands offered, please visit our Brands page. To view our current line sheet, please click here

Yes. We are happy to apply our expertise to help you source the best process control, flow, and pressure and temperature equipment to meet your needs. Our vast experience serving the process control industries in our region has given us access to many valve solutions. 

Vinson, in conjunction with Fisher Lifecycle Services’ Encore Program, offers you a cost-effective, dependable way to replace worn-out valves fast. Assembled by expert technicians, these remanufactured units meet original OEM specs which often exceed industry standards, offering you effective performance without the wait. Encore’s rigorous remanufacturing process guarantees each Fisher valve is checked against OEM specifications identified in ANSI B16.34 standards for form, fit, and function. Encore is also certified and authorized to apply both FM and CSA marks to Fisher Instrumentation. So, when you receive your Encore remanufactured Fisher valve, it’s been through as built testing which includes hydrostatic, operational and seat leakage, as well as diagnostic FlowScanner testing before receiving its certification name plates. Take the anxiety out of problem valves and reduce process downtime with “instant repair” using our Encore Program.

Yes! Our experienced team of application engineers and technical staff are factory trained in the sizing and selection of control valves and actuation, thereby ensuring they perform to specification in the field, whether it is powered electrically, pneumatically or manually.  

If you need help sizing a control valve, please use our Valve Sizing Questionnaire form.  You can also download a PDF version of the form here. If you have further questions, please call us at 800-420-6571.

Yes. Vinson has been training students for many years.  We do it because we believe that well-trained employees are the most valuable resource in any company. It’s an investment that we are happy to help our customers make in their employees, year after year. Whether we are training students in introductory technical skills or advanced mastery courses, we provide the widest variety of learning experiences in the process controls market today. Training support from Emerson and other leading principals allows Vinson to offer the highest level of industry expertise on complex process control topics.

Click Here to learn more about  Vinson's education opportunities. 

Yes, we do!  With 4 regional inventory locations, Vinson offers a wide-range of control and isolation valves, actuators, pressure regulator and relief valves, tank management and many other associated automation products. Our goal is to consistently stock what you need in order to meet your start-up requirements. Please call us at 1-800-421-6571 to verify stock delivery fulfillment.

Yes! We have 8 regional field sales and valve services facilities located across Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico.  Vinson has the personnel in your area to provide local support for all of your field requirements.