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Introducing Our Market Leading Electric Actuation Portfolio

In today’s ever- changing world, understanding the intricacies of the equipment used in your operations is crucial. The proper sizing, selection and maintenance of actuators is essential to process control loop operation.

Vinson Process Controls is your premiere Electric Actuation provider for the Southwest region of North America (including North, East and West Texas,  Eastern Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and the Four Corners region). We specialize in quality brands like Fisher, with exclusive distributorship of Emerson's Bettis & EIM electric actuator lines.  Emerson is the Innovation Leader for Electric Actuation with the TorqPlus, M2CP, XTE3000, SCE300 and RTS Series of Electric Actuators.  

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Benefits & Features
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Benefits & Features

Traditionally, electric actuators have resided in the isolation valve space. However, as more control requirements are required, the need for the versatility that electric actuator motor technologies provide increases. Electric actuators offer convenience and simplified setup and maintenance while effectively operating a variety of valves, including: 
  • Multi-turn valves
  • Quarter-turn valves
  • Linear Valves
  • Knife-Gate Valves
  • Globe valves and more. 

Why Choose Electric Actuation?

Electric actuators offer an easy setup process, allowing users to "plug and play". Electricity is all that's required to start the simple configuration process.

Many of the electric actuators in our portfolio are suitable for virtually all valve sizes and applications, featuring:

  • Robust construction 
  • Advanced Intelligence
  • Software Connectivity Options (DCMlink)
  • Mechanical Fail-Safe 
  • Adjustable speeds and more​

Electric actuators are less susceptible to leakage or contamination, allowing for safer, cleaner, and more convenient operation.

Our intelligent electric actuators allow for more precise control of motion, enabling speed, torque and force to be modified at various stages of required movement.
Electric actuators in our portfolio are rugged in design, easy to operate, simple to install, and reliable. Because electric actuators require less maintenance, they last longer and are more cost-effective, making them suitable for a wide variety of environmental conditions.

Selecting Your Electric Actuator

Not sure where to begin? We're here to help. Try answering these five questions, then use the chart below to find your electric actuation solution:

  1. What type of valve is being actuated; multi-turn, quarter-turn, or linear?

  2. What type of service do you need; basic on/off, modulating, or continuous control?
  3. What about fail-safe? Is it desired in the application?
  4. What torque or thrust range is necessary to operate the valve?
  5. Is there a preference on design style? Intelligent, non-intrusive actuators provide the latest technology. Yet, many customers still prefer a conventional style. We offer both designs.
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Electric Actuation FAQs

Yes, air compressors are expensive to purchase, require more power than electric actuation and have significant lifecycle care expense.  Hydraulic systems have high upkeep and maintenance costs due to a large number of components required to make them operate properly including pumps, reservoirs, motors, relief valves and noise reduction accessories not to mention potential costs associated with leaking hydraulic fluids.
No, electric actuation does not produce fugitive emissions of any sort.
Yes, 12vdc and 24vdc low power consumption devices are available and can be powered using solar energy in many cases
Users can configure, calibrate, monitor and diagnose remotely by using electrics and communication architecture.  Additionally, data gathering, condition monitoring and event logs are available for remote transmission.
Discrete, analog and digital control are available including different protocols such as Modbus, Profibus, ProfiNet and Fieldbus.
–Yes, electrics are available with a spring to provide mechanical fail safe for fail open or fail closed applications
Electrics can cost more upfront than other actuator types but due to reduced maintenance, lower energy costs and elimination of fugitive emissions and hydraulic leaks, among other benefits, electrics have a lower total cost of ownership.
Yes, options are available for quarter turn, multi-turn and linear operation
Electric Actuation Resources

Electric Actuation Resources

Learn more about all of our available electric actuators. Visit our resource page to view videos, brochures, data sheets, and more.
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